Announcement! Fundamentals Available To Offer Mental Health School Seminars!

Your child’s mental health is more important than their grades

Fundamentals are delighted to start working with local schools to offer school seminars and advise on Mental Ill Health.

Our team recognize that mental ill health in children is unfortunately a growing concern and a massively under funded area, but extremely vital to the development of children. We are focused and passionate about supporting children and adults. You might be surprised to find out in 2019 one in five adults were diagnosed with suffering with childhood trauma related mental ill health! When you think that some of this trauma is linked to suicide; substance abuse and physical abuse in adult life, thats a worrying number, don’t you think? Childhood trauma is often undetected for years and can result in much more severe mental ill health in later life. It’s clear that dealing with any trauma as early as possible can save lives and the future for some children and families.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve teamed up with Swindon based business, Mindcanyon – Mental health and Mental Fitness. The founder, Steve Carr, is widely respected and recognised in his field after dealing with and suffering with a plethora of his own mental ill health. After overcoming and managing some of the effects of his own childhood traumas, Steve has dedicated his life to educating himself and others in the sector and we are both grateful and excited to work in a partnership with such a strong and passionate; capable business.

We are keen to work with schools to offer either one off or on going support to teachers; children and parents on the dangers; concerns; signs and how to best to support people you care for or about who may be suffering in silence or undetected. We have years of experience behind us to be able to offer packages and accredited courses or a multitude of advice. If you too recognise the importance of mental health support in children; for families and perhaps staff then you’ve come to the right place! We welcome open and honest discussions about how Fundamentals and Mindcanyon can work with you.

Give Gemma a call on 07736074044 or drop an email to info@fundamentalstutoring.co.uk

Find out more about Steve and Mindcanyon at https://mindcanyon.co.uk/

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